Friday, November 20, 2009

Star Trak

Captain Kirk was on a very important mission to the planet Arianna. the Enterprise ship then see one of there shuttle craft that has been identified as stolen. captain kirk then makes orders that the the shuttle craft be brought aboard there ship, they met a pilot that has black on the left side of his face and then white on the other side of his face. he was then brought to sickbay were he was identified as Lokai from the planet cheron. although he is grateful for there help Lokai gets real offensive when the question him about the ship. Captian kirk then decide that he would take the Lokai back to starbase 4 where he would be brought up on theft charges after there mission. The Enterprise ship then picks up on a invisible like ship and a bridge is brought out the Enterprise ship were they met a man similar to Lokai called Belle which the only difference is the colors on there face is reverse. The team find out that Belle has been looking Lokai for along time about 50,000 earth years. he says that Lokai lead the people that had the black on the left side there face a to a war with the people that had the black on the right side of there face.

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